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Mayim Bialik: I Love This Book About Santa by a “Big Bang” Writer


So everyone asks me about what it’s like to work on “The Big Bang Theory.” What’s Sheldon like? What’s Penny like? Do you all get along?

Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons, is awesome. I have written here about how much I adore that man.

Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, is a super skilled, seasoned performer who always dresses cool and just is the epitome of cool. Her jewelry is always cool. Even in workout clothes she looks amazing and cool.

We do all get along. There are a lot of laughs when we have scenes together. It’s a happy set.

What’s even more interesting and wonderful about my job, though, is getting to know and work with our writers. They write the stuff that you all love. They are a really neat group of men and women. You love them even though you don’t know them.

One of our writers just wrote a book called “Does Santa Exist?”. Eric Kaplan has written for some of the most funny shows you’ve seen in the past 20 years. He also has probably written some of your favorite jokes on “TBBT,” I can almost guarantee it. He’s hysterical.

He’s also a student of philosophy and has written a treatise/memoir/love child of a book about the conflict and intersection between reason and religion. It is definitely one of the most challenging books I have read; not just because the topics are complex and the subject matter is intense, but because Eric forces the reader to dig deep into what they believe and why. He challenges the reader to define for themselves what truly works about religion and belief and faith. It’s fantastic.

Eric is a student of many religious practices, and he is a devout and wonderful man.

I highly recommend this book for you or as a gift to anyone you know who is searching. I bought a bunch to give as gifts. This is an important book. It’s a touching book. It’s a very personal book.

I hereby declare my love for “Does Santa Exist?” Thank you, Eric, for this book, and for all of the joy you bring us at work which we get to share with the world.

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