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Mayim Bialik: I Went to Guatemala & All I Got Was The Most Amazing Statue Ever


“The Big Bang Theory” films about three episodes per month, and we get off a week in between episodes. These hiatus weeks tend to be busy, as I use that week to catch up on everything I can’t do during the weeks I am filming. Thus, I generally spend hiatus weeks wearing pajamas and cooking and cleaning (I clean my own toilets and everything), going to doctor’s appointments, and hanging out with my kids, trying to not feel like an out-of-touch mama because I am a working mama.

This past hiatus I went to the Colonial city of Antigua in Guatemala and I stayed at the Porta Antigua Hotel. It was beautiful. Tons of history and ruins and churches long ago turned into museums. The ancient Mayan capital city of Tikal was rivaled in my experience only by Cairo in terms of its magnitude, magnificence, and greatness.

Guatemala is a country rich in culture and full of stunning architecture, natural resources, and tons of adventure. The food was consistently delicious and if you have a heart for trying new things and exploring new places, I highly recommend traveling to Guatemala. Hasta la proxima vez, Guatemala! 

Here are some pictures.

It rains a lot, especially during this season. Here I am on top of an active volcano in the rain.

This is a rooftop view of Volcano Pacaya at night.

One of the amazing churches.

Here I am with a naked sculpture/portrait of the Mona Lisa in the airport in Guatemala City. My expression is meant to convey, “Why?” Indeed: why?

Here I am resting on some ruins in Tikal, in the Peten region which is next to Belize. Look on a map. I had no idea where Guatemala actually extended to. And, yes, I am dressed like a proper religious Jew because of the mosquitoes. I always hike in skirts, and I like being “covered up” in countries where I don’t always know how women’s bodies are perceived. But this level of cover-up felt very… Mea Sh’arim: leggings under skirts, scarf around my neck–literally no flesh showing!

Here I am with more ruins. These structures were built between 1000 and 500 years ago with no machinery. Just people and their hands. The structures are still standing. Beautiful.

This is a coati. He was very curious about my picnic lunch in Tikal. I also saw spider monkeys, including a mama swinging with a baby. One of the other spider monkeys was cajoling her, saying, “Why are you holding your baby so much? You’re going to spoil her.” Just kidding, only humans ask that of Attachment Parents who hold their children “too much.” Ha!

I did press with local Guatemalan TV reporters while at the hotel, and it was fascinating to see the popularity of “TBBT” globally. Really overwhelming, actually. Here I am with some of the reporters.

One of the interviewers took a “selfie” with me.

Here I am with the hotel staff, who tried not to laugh too hard when I bungled Spanish.

Here I am with the church across from the hotel, lit up at night. (It was raining when we took this picture!)

In Copan, archaeologists found this Mayan sculpture of a woman breastfeeding, and it is one of the trinkets you can buy in airports and tourist shops. I collect any and all artwork related to breastfeeding and I am so excited to add this one to my collection!

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