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Mayim Bialik: One Last Emmys Update Before the Big Day

Well, folks, the Emmys are this Sunday. Since Sukkot starts tonight at sundown, I (and will be off the grid Thursday and Friday. That means that the next you will hear from me is from the Emmys (if I can get reception to tweet!) and then after the Emmys.

Here is how it’s shaping up.

I kicked off Emmy week with the Audi and Altuzarra Pre-Emmy party in West Hollywood (for pictures from the event, click here and here). Since I drive an Audi A4 and am totally in love with it, I was thrilled to celebrate in the Audi spirit. Even the bartenders’ aprons had the Audi logo on them!

I saw the cast of “Modern Family,” Jason Collins, Kate Flannery from “The Office,” and a few other people I actually recognized. It was fun, and here is my favorite red carpet picture of me ever from that event, taken by the friend I brought. The woman on my left is from Much & House, my publicity firm. Her name is Amanda and we had a lot of fun working the carpet. 

On the red carpet, I got asked such questions as, “Are you nervous about the Emmys?” (yes), “Who are you bringing as your date?” (my friend Gabe who I went to the Springfield, MO wedding with), and, “Do you have any pre-Emmy rituals?” (um…does Jack and Coke count?!).

I had another Emmy dress fitting Monday and I have a final one today. I am officially no longer nervous. Oliver Tolentino has been so flexible and understanding of my anxiety, and stylist Ali has been amazingly astute and tuned into my anxiety. We are all managing my anxiety so well! In all seriousness, it’s beautiful. It’s got embellishments, but not too many. It fits like a glove (as long as I don’t lose any weight or gain any weight between now and Sunday), and it’s really lovely and comfortable.

The hair and make up people I am using have been getting some test runs in and will have a few more before Sunday. I will have some good sukkah time with my boys before Sunday, and I feel ready. I think.

I am trying to keep everything in perspective. I don’t plan on winning and literally have not written a speech or list of names or anything because I am that certain I am not winning. Our camera crew already won a technical Emmy for their work on our show, and Bob Newhart also won for his guest spot he did on our show (his first Emmy ever). Our show might win, some people are saying, and that would be so amazing… but who knows.

I am excited to see everyone from our cast all dressed up and farputzed (dolled up), and I especially am excited to get some good pictures to share with everyone here after the weekend.

May the Festival of Booths spread over all of us peace, harmony, and a lack of anxiety. I will talk to you all after the Emmys!

Chag Sameach!

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