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Mayim Bialik

Mayim’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2013

Take a look at 2013 through the eyes of Mayim Bialik! We compiled a list of all this year’s greatest Mayim moments, and here are her 10 most widely-read posts of the year.

10. Wearing the Pants for The Big Bang Theory Super Bowl Ad. Although Mayim usually wears skirts and dresses for religious reasons, in order to be a “team player” she donned football pants in a Super Bowl ad.

9. Since My Divorce, I’m Missing the Mikveh. As a divorced woman, Mayim no longer needs to go in the mikveh, or ritual bath, but that doesn’t mean she won’t miss the experience.

8. Happy Birthday to Jim Parsons, A True Mensch. In honor of her Big Bang Theory co-star, on-screen boyfriend, and close friend Jim Parsons’ birthday, Mayim wrote a list of all the great things about him.

7. Doing the Whole Family Purim Costume Thing in the Midst of a Divorce. Even throughout her impending divorce, Mayim made hamantaschen and turned her Purim frown upside down.

6. Since My Divorce, What Do I Do About Covering My Head? After her divorce, Mayim wonders what to do about traditional Jewish head coverings worn by married women.

5. How Family Purim Went Down for the Almost-Divorced Mayim Bialik. Despite undergoing a divorce, Mayim, her ex, and her sons all got dressed up and smiled (kinda) for a purim picture.

4. Mayim Bialik’s Tools for Divorce. Mayim put together a list of the music, words of wisdom, and experiences she’s pulled from to withstand her divorce.

3. Mayim Bialik’s 4-Year-Old Son is Officially Weaned. After four years of life, Mayim’s son Fred is officially off the breast milk.

2. On the Big Bang Theory Princess Scene & Why I Don’t Like Princess Culture. Mayim is not a fan of princesses, pink, or anything that comes along with “princess culture,” so when she had to do a princess scene for Big Bang, it got complicated.

1. Five Reasons Why Mayim Bialik Doesn’t Believe in Sleep Training. In this year’s most widely read Mayim post, the attachment parenting guru makes a case for why she does not ascribe to the teachings of sleep training, and offers some alternatives.  

What were your favorite posts by Mayim in 2013? Share below!

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