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Mayim’s Top 7 Moments From the People’s Choice Awards

Here’s my Top 7 Moments from last night’s People’s Choice Awards.

1. Dress Snafu. As I mentioned in my last post, the dress I was supposed to wear to the People’s Choice Awards last night was pulled at the last minute for reasons only my stylist and the makers of the dress can tussle over. It was not a good thing, but since I am so “whatever,” I reassured stylist Ali that I had faith that we’d figure something out and I reminded her that I never freak out about stuff like this, thanks to my deep religious sensibility that everything is exactly how it should be in God’s world and there’s nothing urgent or life-threatening except things that are urgent or life-threatening. (That’s not sarcasm, I really mean it.)

Ali had on hand a navy Tadashi Shoji gown which is what I ended up wearing and although the sleeves are about three inches shorter than I tend to wear because of tznius (modesty), it was very comfortable. I love Tadashi Shoji’s appreciation for curvy women like me, and it was really a lovely back-up. I felt very “me” because it showed off my curves, but I also felt like I could walk without fearing I’d look pregnant if I didn’t stand up super straight and all of that. I wore the shoes I wore to the Emmys and some pretty earrings and besides having cold arms, it turned out really nicely I think.

With castmate Melissa Rauch.

2. Hair and Make-Up. I again used Alan, the artist who did my hair and make up for The Craig Ferguson Show, and he took two hours as opposed to my regular artist who takes one hour, but he did a very clean and nice job and Ali was happy (she calls all the shots look-wise, FYI). Alan liked the madness of our home, which was new to him since for Ferguson, we had met at the studio. We talked about my role in “Beaches” and he patiently tolerated my kids running around the house and crawling on the floor barking like dogs and screaming about not being able to get the cat off of the counter where said cat was trying to eat their noodles out of the take-out boxes that held dinner.

Jim and I!

3. Better late… I arrived after the red carpet, and, yes, Jim Parsons and I texted from the car and entered together. Because we were waiting to be seated for a few minutes, we got some great pictures of just the two of us. We are very close, and although neither of us are really into these kinds of events socially, it was super fun being together for the madness. And it’s fun to get to see each other all dressed up since we see each other every day in either sneakers and t-shirts for rehearsal or character clothes for filming. I’m super happy to have Jim as my work-husband.

4. I’m a People, too. I sort of freaked out when I realized we were sitting in the front row! I’ve never been important enough to be seated in the front row, unless you count every graduation I’ve ever been in, and that’s only because I was the shortest person by a head my whole life and was always seated to walk anywhere on stage first. I gasped when I saw Christina Aguilera so close to us, and she is such a flawless singer and all of the action was right there. I couldn’t believe how close we were!

Close up–check out those sparkly details.

5. Liam Hemsworth. First of all, that’s “Thor”‘s brother. Second of all, maroon suit? Yes. Scruffy? Yes. Tall? Yes. AUSTRALIAN ACCENT? I almost rushed the stage. Jim shouted (thankfully inaudibly to anyone but our row): “She’s available!” It was very funny. I’m still “lol”ing.

6. Winners! We won! I think I may have done a fist pump. It was very exciting, and it’s wonderful to have won with our lead actress as the host of the night; it was overall very exciting. It felt crazy surreal to be on stage and Chuck Lorre confirmed the surreal-ness by pulling out his iPhone and photographing the audience looking up at us. It was crazy. Simon Helberg gave a lovely acceptance speech on our behalf, and all of our producers and writers were up there, and it felt insane. I felt like I was not in my body. Crazy.

My vegan appetizer: corn tortilla with edible flower.

7. Afterparty. We all skipped the official afterparty and had dinner at a fancy restaurant. It was loud but fun. I had a few drinks and they had a vegan meal for me and I headed for home and took out my hair extensions and pulled off my false lashes and read a chapter of
One Hundred Years of Solitude
and went to sleep.

All in all, this was a very good first experience of Awards Month. Not just because we won, but because I managed my expectations, changed the things I could (like arriving late which thankfully was an option this time), and accepted the things I couldn’t. And my dress was good, and I didn’t fall, and except for the “ticker tape” style explosion at the end of the show making me jump three feet into the air (thanks to residual “issues” from my traumatic car accident almost five months ago), I behaved almost like a normal person.

Or normal enough to be able to wake up smiling and not be too afraid of the Golden Globes this Sunday.


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