Mila Kunis Can't Handle Her Post-Pregnancy Boobs – Kveller
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Mila Kunis Can’t Handle Her Post-Pregnancy Boobs

Mila Kunis has got a lot going on! In case you missed it, she had a baby girl named Wyatt a few months ago with her husband Ashton Kutcher. She’s also in the process of promoting her new movie, Jupiter Ascending, which she filmed with co-star Channing Tatum.

During her appearance on CONAN to promote the film, O’Brien brought up her pregnancy. Well, let’s be honest, he brought up her boobs. Turns out, Mila is new to the big boob brigade, and she’s got a lot of feelings about it.

Watch the video below:

What about you, Kvellers? Did you experience a breast renaissance (breastaissance) after pregnancy? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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