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bar/bat mitzvahs

Miley Cyrus & Jeff Goldblum Welcome James Franco into Jewish Manhood

james franco and miley cyrus

Instagram via James Franco

The moment we’ve all been waiting for (or not) has finally come to fruition: James Franco officially had a bar mitzvah at 37 years old. While he technically already became a bar mitzvah at age 13 (as every Jewish boy does), and technically, the real bar mitzvah with an actual rabbi took place prior to the event, this was a bar mitzvah begging not to be forgotten.

First of all, Miley Cyrus performed at the Hilarity for Charity event wearing a strangely Jewish ensemble that your bubbe wouldn’t approve of: blue thong leotard, Star of David wristbands, a gold “Shalom, ya’ll” cape, and silver thigh-high boots.

Miley Cyrus

Instagram via Miley Cyrus

Then, as if Cyrus isn’t enough star power, the iconic Jeff Goldblum acted as rabbi at the second bar mitzvah. And then, Zac Efron appeared as Franco’s foreskin (we’re not sure this was entirely necessary. Does anyone need their foreskin personified?).

Besides serving as Franco’s “official” Jewish foray into manhood, it’s part of Seth Rogen’s annual Hilarity for Charity show, which raises awareness for Alzheimer’s disease–definitely a worthy cause.

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