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Mom Pens Powerful Letter After Son With Special Needs is Excluded from Birthday Party

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A Canadian mom named Jennifer Kiss-Engele was understandably upset when her son with special needs was purposefully excluded from a birthday party in which all of the other children in the class were invited. So she wrote a letter about the power of inclusion. Here is the touching letter she posted last Thursday:

The letter has since gone viral and appeared in USA Today, The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Fox News, Elite Daily, and beyond. It actually made a difference, too. Engele gave this public update on Facebook:

But if you read some of the comments on the aforementioned websites, you’ll quickly see that not all of the public response to Engele’s letter has been positive. Some people critique her for not speaking with her son’s classmate’s father directly.

So Engele posted this expression of gratitude for her friends’ support over the past several days:

Regardless of whether Engele should have posted the letter for public consumption, her message is an important one: All children deserve love, friendship, and inclusion.

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