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‘Mommy Shorts’ Tells Us the Secret to Becoming a Social Media Influencer (Episode 20)


If you’re familiar with the ever-popular genre of “mommy blogs,” then for sure you know about Ilana Wiles. Her blog, Mommy Shorts, has grown from a blog into a brand, and she’s transformed herself from “just a mom with a blog” to a true social media influencer with a following of over 165,000 on Instagram.

This week on Call Your Mother, Jordana and Shannon discuss how that change occurred, and how Ilana manages her life as an influencer — from what products she opts to endorse, to how she’s starting to change what she posts about her children (who have been “characters” in her social media literally since their beginnings!).

Jordana and Shannon also contemplate why Shannon’s 2-year-old daughter, who has a sibling on the way, has turned her attention to Shannon’s breasts. And, speaking of breasts, Jordana’s mom, Gram, gives her opinion on the age-old breastfeeding versus formula debate, and how mothers can feel the best with whatever choices they make.

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