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Natalie Portman! Natalie Portman! Natalie Portman!

Natalie Portman is the talk of everyone’s town these days, and we can’t help but kvell over the newly expectant Jewish mother. She snagged a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama this past Sunday, and besides showing off her quickly growing baby bump in a pretty pink  gown, her acceptance speech also proved to us normal people that she’s sort of really awkward, too.

After thanking her parents for raising her, she then switched topics over to fiance Benjamin Millipied, paraphrasing the scene in Black Swan where his character is asked if he would sleep with Portman’s character, to which he scoffs a hearty “no”. Natalie then informed the room that, “He’s the best actor: it’s not true. He totally wants to sleep with me!” And then she awkwardly laughs.

Ahh, it’s nice to know she’s kind of a dork.

Natalie’s also come out about her pregnancy superstitions–no nursery decorating or stroller shopping quite yet. She told reporters at the premiere of her new movie, No Strings Attached: “I’m very Jewish that way. We don’t do that.”

I also happened to catch Natalie on the red carpet telling Ryan Seacrest that she had not thought of any baby names yet, which seemed like a desperate cry for help to me, so don’t forget to send in your suggestions to our Name Natalie Portman’s Baby Contest! You’ve got until the end of the month, folks.

And to make sure you really know how Jewish Nat-Port (yeah, I just made that up)  is, I leave you with this, to most likely watch in envy:

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