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Nate Berkus Hints at More Kids, Gives the Best Home Advice

Nate Berkus, our favorite interior designer, recently hinted at some baby news in the future. He and his husband Jeremiah Brent are parents to their daughter Poppy, who just might become an older sister soon.

No one I’d rather be with, exploring Venice with @jeremiahbrent

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In an interview in Architectural Digest‘s January issue, Berkus mentioned that the couple decided to buy their 9,000-square-foot Spanish Colonial they now call home because they pictures the oak tree as “ready for a swing — and some future Brent-Berkus babies.” Berkus went on to say how the house is ostentatious, but it’s also their home:

We pictured Poppy, and eventually the rest of our family, planing under that tree, and we thought this was a place we could put down roots. Our immediate reaction was, Who lives like this? Certainly not us.

You can get some design and organizational inspiration by just taking a peek at Berkus’ Instagram. While most of us don’t live in houses quite like his, we can still get ideas (or at least enjoy the real estate porn):

And here’s some helpful advice right from the expert himself:

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