This Maccabeats Rosh Hashanah Parody Is Short and Sweet – Kveller
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This Maccabeats Rosh Hashanah Parody Is Short and Sweet

A screenshot from the Maccabeats' new Rosh Hashanah video

This new Maccabeats parody for Rosh Hashanah is short but very, very sweet.

For the Jewish New Year, which starts on the evening of September 6 this year, the beloved Jewish a cappella band jumped on a popular TikTok challenge — #gracekellychallenge — and made it their own. The result is quirky, adorable, and, as per usual, incredibly catchy.

The challenge dares musicians on the video-sharing social media app to record themselves singing all the harmonies from the chorus of the popular 2007 Mika song “Grace Kelly.” The results are pretty amazing. But our favorite a cappella group gave the challenge a twist — they not only rewrote the lyrics to be topical for the upcoming Jewish holiday (including a “shana tova u’metuka” wish, the Hebrew for “sweet and happy new year”).

The full rewritten lyrics are as follows, and they are already stuck in my head: “Apples and honey/ Pray and give money / Get our priorities clear / Shana tova u’metuka / Have a healthy sweet new year.”

But the band didn’t stop there — they also use Tik Tok’s filters to sing as different holiday-related paraphernalia — an apple, a bottle of honey, a box of tzedakah, a shofar, a pomegranate and a fish head.

As my toddler said on our 528th time watching this parody, “That’s funny, right?”

I concur! Happy 5782, everyone!

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