New York Times Columnist's Fertility Struggle Finally Ends--With a Baby! – Kveller
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New York Times Columnist’s Fertility Struggle Finally Ends–With a Baby!

Struggling with fertility is one of the hardest experiences women face–and they often face it alone. Even with supportive family and friends, there are no special words that can erase the utter loneliness and heartbreak infertility can cause. So we’re always happy to announce when a woman’s painful struggle has finally come to a close–and a happy one at that.

Amy Klein has been blogging about her fertility treatments for The New York Times Motherlode column for the past two years, sharing the ups and downs of the frustrating journey. Klein, who’s also written about raising infertility awareness on JTA, shared everything from taking a break from fertility treatments, temporarily moving to Israel for IVF treatment, and finally getting pregnant. Today marked the last day of her “Fertility Diary,” but hardly for sad reasons: After three years of infertility treatments and four miscarriages, Klein just gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Lily!

We’re literally over the moon for Klein, whose patience and perseverance is an inspiring example to all struggling mothers. We wish her and her new bundle of joy the best luck the world can give.

Mazel tov!

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