Newborn Poops on Dad in Photo Shoot--Captured in Epic Photo – Kveller
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Newborn Poops on Dad in Photo Shoot–Captured in Epic Photo

Talk about a s%!t show. First-time parents, Mark and Shayna Resnick, recently brought their 10-day-old son, Asher (Jewish baby name for the win!), to his newborn photo shoot. Of course, any parent would expect a lot of crying and fussing and diaper changes, but not this.

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Unsuspecting Dad took photos with their newborn son lying on his shirtless back–only to have the infant poop all over it. Even more hilarious, this moment is forever etched not only in their memories, but in their photos.

Gigi O'Dea

Gigi O’Dea

Gigi O’Dea, their photographer, said despite the accident, it was still one of her most enjoyable shoots yet, stating in TODAY, “Never have I had such a happy baby before. He was probably scheming the whole time.”

This one had better make the baby book.

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