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News Roundup: Death to the Squeezy

All the parenting news that you probably missed this week.

-An Atlantic columnist tells us that our kids should be eating real fruit instead of those squeezy pouches they do so love. To which we say: do you have a toddler? (Atlantic)

-The Park Slope Co-op is many things to many people including an example of how socialism can turn to fascism (according to my husband who quit after being asked to clean a toilet). This week it was the center of the conflict in the Middle East as the issue was raised (again) of whether to ban Israeli products. The meeting was (hilariously) live tweeted. The best tweets can be found here and if you can’t get enough, full tweets here. (Gothamist and The Awl)

-In the wake of the deadly Ohio shooting this week, Marlo Thomas calls on all of us to help stop bullying. (Huffingtonpost)

-For a long time now, there’s been an idea that you shouldn’t share news of a pregnancy until your first trimester is done. My mother-in-law would argue that this is to ward off the evil eye. Though for many, it’s to avoid the “shame” that would come with miscarriage. Sybil Sanchez took the Sisterhood in an attempt to change this. “I am six weeks pregnant. This is my fifth pregnancy after four losses…Pretending that this doesn’t occur by staying hushed during the first trimester, the most vulnerable time of a pregnancy, only increases suffering.” (Sisterhood)

-The mean girl advice of what to expect when you’re expecting. Did anybody else have the version that warned you that oral sex could lead to the death of your unborn baby? (Slate)

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