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news roundup

News Roundup: Digital Classrooms Pose Privacy Problems for Students


– More and more school districts are adopting digital technologies for the classroom to collect details about students’ achievements, activities, absences, disabilities and learning styles. Meanwhile, a leading children’s advocacy group is urging the industry to not use this data for marketing products to children or their families. (NY Times)

– Work-life balance debates for go-getter parents have circulated in the media for years, but what about the parents who are hardworking but not so overly (Sheryl Sanberg-like) ambitious? Elissa Strauss expands on a vision for parents who have a different understanding of “having it all.” (Salon)

– Rachel’s son Noah asked her when she was going to write a book on him. She had just finished writing a book about his younger, disabled brother, Henry. Rachel examines inevitable sibling inequities and finds the silver lining in its challenge. (Motherlode)

– Just in case you ever had a doubt, research concludes that having a set bedtime for your children does wonders for good behavior. (Time)

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