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news roundup

News Roundup: Fat Dads & Not-So-Kosher Hot Dogs

This week’s Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read.

For Dawn Lerman, growing up with a “fat dad” meant following fad diets and eating “calorie-free astronaut mystery powders” at 10 years old. (NYT)

Alice Walker refuses to authorize a Hebrew version of her classic novel “The Color Purple” to be published in Israel, in light of her pro-Palestinian leanings. In other Walker news, her daughter Rebecca shares what it was like growing up the daughter of a feminist leader (summary: not so great). (JTA/Daily Mail)

Those who follow the strict Jewish laws of ritual purity may have “frum issues” when it comes to conceiving. (Forward)

Hebrew National, the hot dog company that “answers to a higher authority,” apparently does not answer to the one authority that actually kind of matters: kosher laws. (Gawker)

– In the latest horrifying pregnancy trend: photoshopping your fetus onto your pregnant belly. (Slate)

– Everyone knows a big part of parenting is letting go, but what happens when it comes all too soon? On Tablet, Evelyn Krieger talks about the hesitations she felt when her Orthodox daughter got married at age 20. (Tablet)

– Chances are you’ve gotten to know the blessing of food pouches for babies and toddlers. But do these portable, nutritious meals-on-the-go raise other issues with how we feed our children? (NYT)

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