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news roundup

News Roundup: Jew in a Box, Nice Jewish Girl Tells Off Ivy League

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– Berlin’s Jewish Museum is causing quite a stir with their latest exhibit, “The Whole Truth,” which features, among other things, a Jew who sits in a glass box for an extended period of time and answers questions from visitors about being Jewish. (NPR)

– Nice Jewish girl tells off all colleges that rejected her in the Wall Street Journal. Goes on Today Show. Probably will now be accepted to Princeton. (Wall Street Journal)

– Remembering Judith Resnick, the fourth woman in the world to go to space, who died in the Challenger Disaster. Resnick would have been 64 years old this week. (Forward)

– Childcare costs have nearly doubled since the mid-1980s, leaving many families to find alternative options, like care provided by relatives and after-school programs. (NYT)

– Amazing new Tumblr alert: this dad is documenting all the times his son cries throughout the day and his reasons for doing so, i.e. “The milk isn’t juice,” and “I turned the volume of The Hokey Pokey down… from “ear-splittingly loud” to only “mind-numbingly loud.” (Gawker)

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