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news roundup

News Roundup: Minister Fran Drescher, Anti-Internet Rally

This week’s Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read.

– As a promotion for her show “Happily Divorced,” Fran Drescher got her minister licence online and officiated two gay weddings in New York. Minister Frannie says, “Giving orders comes naturally to Jewish women.” (NYT)

Here is the story of a breastfeeding dad. (Warning: avoid the comments section. People are mean.) (Huffington Post)

– Last night, 40,000 Ultra-Orthodox men filled New York’s Citi Field to rally against the dangers of the internet. One lecturer stated, “you can see it in the ebbing eyes of the younger generation, of the jittery inattentiveness of our children.” (Forward)

What to reject when you’re expecting: 10 overused practices, including unnecessary c-sections and early epidurals. (Consumer Reports)

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