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day care

News Roundup: Public Dollars for Jewish Day Care, The Founding Mother of Natural Birth

The Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– A pretty terrific roundup of the most recent parenting books, and why American mothers are so quick to read them all. The focus here is on French feminist Elisabeth Badinter and her somewhat weird take on motherhood. (The Nation)

– While we’ve been complaining about the lack of Jewish day care, a little-known Hasidic network just got a $31 million contract for subsidized day care programs. How’d that happen? (The Forward)

– Meet Ina May Gaskin: the founding mother (no pun intended) of the natural-birth movement. This 72-year-old midwife is still delivering babies on her farm in Tennessee. She’s never had malpractice insurance, has never been sued, and if you live in Brooklyn and are pregnant, you probably have her book. (NYT)

A new study out says that soy-based formulas are just as safe for babies as milk-based ones. The study goes on to say that still, breast is best. (Huffington Post)

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