News Roundup: Sunscreens that won't kill your kids, supermodels and their mamalehs – Kveller
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News Roundup: Sunscreens that won’t kill your kids, supermodels and their mamalehs

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-When did sunscreen get so complicated and how do you choose one that won’t kill your kid? (

-Meet Melissa and Doug Bernstein. You probably already have their names on cute wooden toys in your house. Now, find out about the couple behind the brand. A few teasers: they have six kids (which comes in handy for product testing) and live in a 36,000 square foot home. (
New York Times

-The secret to being both a successful writer and a mother is apparently to have just one kid. Or so says Lauren Sandler in a highly contentious article (promoting her book
One and Only
). Here’s a list of female writers with just one child (Joan Didion, Mary McCarthy, Elizabeth Hardwick, Margaret Atwood, Ellen Willis.) (
The Atlantic

-Supermodels and their moms. A photo essay. This is from a few months back, but it’s worth posting now. Ah-mazing. (
New York Times

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