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news roundup

News Roundup: Zaftig Swedish Mannequins, Retro Housewives

 All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-Dispute at a Colorado school over which bathroom a transgendered 6-year-old has the right to use. (New York Times)

-Maurice Sendak was a lovable but surly old man. In his blistering, bizarre final interview hear what he has to say about Alec Baldwin, Steven Spielberg, and Meryl Streep (hint: it ain’t pretty). (The New Republic)

-For those of use who like a little more, um, plastic on our mannequins, we bring you these zaftig gems straight from Sweden. (The Washington Post)

-On its cover this week, New York Magazine is reporting on a new “trend” of feminist housewives. When you have time to read the 6,000 word missive, I’m sure you will have strong opinions about it. (
New York Magazine


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