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No More Fakebook, Now in Pictures

Monday’s post from Sarah Tuttle-Singer, “We Need to Quit Telling Lies on Facebook,” has officially gone viral. With 76,000 Facebook likes (ironic?) and 5o0 comments and counting, it’s been a thrill to see so many people relate to this post about the realities of parenting. We asked readers to send in their own pictures and stories for our #NoMoreFakebook campaign, and below you’ll find them. It’s not all pretty, and it’s certainly not all ideal, but it’s all very real. Share your own #NoMoreFakebook stories on our Facebook wall or on Twitter and join the phenomenon!

Blair Young: Nourishing our toddler with cheese steaks and mayonnaise. She also tasted red dye #3 well before turning 2:

Naptime is for Drinking: Keeping it real at dinner last night. We were at a chain restaurant (gasp) where kids eat free on Sundays and my Little S decided to get natural. The bruises are just an added touch. Kids fall.

Cigal Shaham: My DS crying while we made hamatashen. There was more crying, screaming, and spreading raw egg around the kitchen than actual baking.

Annee Olden: “I don’t WANT to eat this dinner!” – this happens DAILY. Ugh.

Misty Butac: I thought today was perfect; managed to make cookies from scratch and get the kids dressed–not just wear pj’s. Then dinner rolls around… eldest shatters the bathroom light with a towel and the middle had a meltdown while the baby needed to be nursed. My magical meal out of a box was served promptly at 8 p.m.!

Melissa BoydMy daughter sat on the tank lid of the toilet and fell off breaking the toilet tank. It cracked, water falling to the floor. I shut off the water, draped it with towels, and am leaving it for my hubby. That is how my day REALLY went.

Jewhungry: Finally, the hubby has a fellow Giants “fan.” Only our daughter, Siona Mae, wasn’t feeling the jersey and certainly wasn’t in the mood to have a quiet afternoon watching the game with dad. Poor Dad.

Through the Eyes of the Mrs.: The truth about breakfast! Whatever is the fastest thing to grab and that includes donuts. #imnotperfect

Tamara Reese: Kid had a massive tantrum and lost TV by 10am. Now I have to engage him during witching hour and I want to cry.

Shosh Rachel: Keep putting kid’s laundry on top of the suitcase I haven’t unpack from two weeks ago.

Rachel Teichman: Cute but messy.

Sarah Miller: 2-year-old wired last night after parties. Let him stay up till 10:30. 1-year-old woke at 5:30 a.m.

Deborah Kolben: On the left, visiting a quaint little pie shop in Brooklyn. On the right, breaking down on the bathroom floor after Purim.

Nikki Marasco Merson: I have seven kids I homeschool. My 2-year-old went outside today barefoot. It was 25 degrees. I didn’t notice. I was on the phone with an old friend, who’s dying of cancer. I spent an hour on the phone with him. And now, at almost 3 p.m., the kids are just starting school. And I’m still on Facebook. Yep. No more fakebook.

Jordana Horn: Not so happy.

Cara Paiuk: My son’s dinner.  Every night.  And that is chocolate milk in the sippy cup.

Mary Ann Hawes: I just bribed my 2 1/2 year old that if she stayed in her bed all night long I’d give her ice cream for breakfast… lol is that wrong?

Aubry Canales: This happend while mommy AND daddy were on facebook and letting the natives go wild…

Leah Allen: Trying to get them to both smile at the same time for a nice pic for grandma. Both had a fit.

Deanna Decker: My super-sun-shiney every morning with a typical toddler that enjoys destroying nice things. And no, she isn’t dressed because I had to take off her pajamas before naptime (rarity), but only because I took so long to change her diaper, it basically exploded. -__-

Aileen Heath: No more Fakebook! This is my darling daughter enjoying the chocolate waterfall at Golden Corral.

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