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Novelist Jennifer Weiner Posted a Swimsuit Pic for One Very Inspiring Reason

If you have a body, you have a beach body. It doesn’t have to look a particular way because swimsuits are for everyone. That’s the point Jewish novelist and feminist Jennifer Weiner made in her recent Instagram post. In it, she does indeed display her “beach body.” Here is her post, with her inspiring, body-positive comment:

Happy Fourth! This is the swimsuit I’ll be wearing to the beach this holiday weekend. I know we are inching – slowly! – toward the idea that you don’t have to be a size zero, or a teenager, to look good/be allowed on the beach. I also know that, even in the era of the plus-size bikini and the stretch-mark mom, too many of us would rather be skinned alive than put on a swimsuit….and that too many of us are missing out on all the fun of summer: of swimming and sunning, kayaking and paddleboarding, digging for clams and collecting shells, walking our dogs on the sand and holding our children in the water. Science shows that the more non-supermodel bodies we see, the less likely we are to beat up on ourselves. That’s true for women, and for girls, too many of whom start worrying way too early about how they look and what needs fixing. We all need to be the change we want to see in the world…and so, this weekend, I hope you’ll consider being the woman that the women and girls in YOUR life see in a swimsuit. #nofilter #bethechange #weartheswimsuit

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It’s so refreshing for a public figure—especially a mom—to not only show her real beach body to the masses but to celebrate it. With so many celebrities going into hiding after they become moms, Weiner’s candor is encouraging and, frankly, something we need to see more of in mainstream and social media. Consider this an invitation to reach into the back of your closet and grab that bathing suit. Put it on and enjoy the beach this summer, no matter how “imperfect” you think your body looks. And drop that negative perception, too, because your body is great. It brought a child into this world, after all!

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