Of Course There's a "La La Land" Passover Mashup – Kveller
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Of Course There’s a “La La Land” Passover Mashup

The Jewish impulse to remake pop culture staples for the holidays is almost as strong as our ability to withstand millennia of oppression, don’t you think?

This year, there’s a Hogwarts Haggadah, a “Hamilton”-themed Passover album, and now, of course, a big, “La La Land” style video. “Y-Studs A Cappella, a popular Jewish A Cappella group based in NYC” has been busy remaking the movie musical’s opening number, the impressive “Another Day of Sun” in the supermarket aisles, while shopping for matzah.

I cannot wait for every living relative of mine to send me this video over email in the next few days!

Enjoy “La La” Passover below.


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