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Off the Internet & Into the Blossoms

Amidst all the craziness of this week and my life, I turned my attention to a very tempermental and difficult plant. I own 15 orchids including three “rescues” given up for dead that I cared for and have even made bloom.

I have a few in bloom right now and am obsessed with keeping them all happy and watered. But who would have thought that one of my most mundane orchids would bloom out of sight and in secret!?

I caught a glimpse of these buds that bloomed under a cluster of greenery at the back of my first ever orchid, facing the sunlight but free from human gaze.

Not to be ridiculous and metaphorical, but what else blooms hidden from view when we are distracted and consumed with the “louder” problems going on?

I am so pleased with this orchid and with the subsequent revelatory possibilities hidden in its flowers!

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