Onto the Next Jewish Holiday--Sukkot! – Kveller
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Onto the Next Jewish Holiday–Sukkot!

Now that the High Holidays are over, we can all relax and take a break from all that Jewish holiday excitement…er… NOT. Sukkot starts this Sunday at sundown and lasts for a whole week.

If you’re not familiar with Sukkot, it’s a festive holiday that features fun activities like hanging out in huts and shaking weird looking fruit. Want to know more? Read our rundown of the Sukkot basics here.

And now the fun part: if you’re building your own sukkah, start decorating with these easy paper chains or an autumnal leaf collage. If you don’t have the time or outdoor space to build a sukkah, try your hand at this miniature representation, which turns into a healthy snack when all is said and done.

As for good eats, these chewy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are a great snack to bring into the sukkah. For the more ambitious chefs, this stuffed pumpkin is quite the crowd pleaser. And if you need a refresher course on how to properly welcome guests into your sukkah, take Grover’s advice.

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