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Operation Hot and Holy

Mayim previously on the red carpet

Re: ‘Operation Subdued Sexy’ aka ‘Operation Hot and Holy’
Client: Mayim Bialik, PhD, cast member of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory
Timeline: Operation set to commence immediately for September 18 date of completion

Mission: Acquire very fancy designer gown that conforms to the standards of tznius (modesty) to wear to the 2011 Emmy Awards

Details: Tznius varies in its interpretation but in general terms, reflects modesty and decorum for men and women alike in dress and demeanor. For women who keep to tznius, the most widely accepted guidelines are to cover the knees and elbows and all of one’s cleavage and clavicle. Dr. Bialik favors jewel tones (emerald, sapphire, ruby) and is open to any color possibility, especially if it highlights her blue/green eyes with the gold flecks around the pupils which she is told are her best feature.

Modifications: In the past, Dr. Bialik has maintained the “knee” guideline fairly consistently, but has shifted the elbow restriction to the shoulder in consideration to the designers attempting to dress her for various and sundry red carpet events where even covering to the knee is often viewed as “dowdy,” “fuddy- duddy,” or just plain “not hip.” For the Emmy Awards, Dr. Bialik has expressed a strong and keen interest to hold to the more standard guideline for tznius but is open to allowing her clavicle to show and possible minimal cleavage. TBD.

Approach: Dr. Bialik has acquired the services of a very expensive and very talented professional stylist who is on target and on purpose for the execution of ‘Operation Subdued Sexy’ aka ‘Operation Hot and Holy.’ Said stylist even has Orthodox friends and a spouse who is a member of the Tribe. Dr. Bialik takes great comfort in these facts and this comfort has been converted to excitement which has allowed her to be distracted – if only momentarily – from how incredibly expensive stylists are. Dr. Bialik has had a phone conference with aforementioned stylist and has been asked to provide exact measurements of her bust, hips, waist, and shoulders so that the stylist may pursue the gown in both London and Los Angeles over the next few weeks.

Conclusion: Dr. Bialik is thrilled, as the granddaughter of poor immigrants to this country who arrived on the shores of Manhattan with not much besides the dreams in their hearts and the shoes on their feet, to be attending the Emmy Awards. She will consider it a personal achievement to obtain the Emmy gown that she feels will allow her neshama (spirit) to shine through.

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