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Our Divorce Panel

Over the past couple of weeks, our seriously brave and open-hearted blogger Sarah Tuttle-Singer has written about the fact that she is going through a divorce. Both her pieces, “Whirling Out of the Darkness” and “Loving Your Kids & Loving Motherhood Are Not the Same Thing,” had us all achy and heartbroken, but something else surprising happened, too.

People started commenting about going through the same thing.

We realized that when you’re going through something as difficult as divorce, and somebody else is going through it too, there’s a real power in sharing your experiences, in realizing that you are not alone.

Which brings us to our divorce panel. We’re lucky enough to have three amazing women with three different takes on divorce ready and willing to answer anyone’s questions: Sarah-Tuttle Singer, as mentioned above,
Jordana Horn
, who has gotten divorced and lived to see true happiness on the other side, and
Jennifer Mittelman
, a coach, mediator, and attorney who focuses on divorce.

So, if you or someone you know is going through a divorce and would like some insight or guidance, send in questions to info@kveller.com. Of course, you can be as anonymous as you like–just let us know if you’d like to only use your first name, or a fake name, or whatever you choose.

We hope this helps build up our Kveller community even stronger, and look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

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