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Our Favorite Menorahs for Hanukkah 2012

When it comes to Hanukkah, menorahs are kind of a big deal. You’ll have to look at it for eight days straight, so you better find one you really like. Here are our favorites from ModernTribe.

This Glass Menorah ($24.00) is both elegant and a bargain. It provides a simple base so you can get creative with colorful candles. Even better, its clear design prevents a clashing with any of your holiday decor.

If you prefer simple candles and an elaborate menorah, consider this gorgeous Michael Aram Olive Branch Menorah($259.00). Available in nickelplate bronze or oxidized bronze, this menorah is a peace offering of the utmost beauty.

For something a little more whimsical, consider this fun Puzzle Menorah ($159.00). Composed of nine individual pieces, it can be rearranged into any colorful order and design you or your child pleases. Safety tip: rearrange BEFORE you light the candles.

If you’re feeling more than a little whimsical and extremely pink, the Pink Cadillac Menorah($64.00) is a must-have. A showstopper for adults and children alike, consider making this super fun menorah part of your (or your car-loving relative’s) holiday!

If your Pink Cadillac needs a partner in crime, you obviously need the Vespa Scooter Moped Menorah ($48.00). It’s a lot less expensive than a real one!

For the family that celebrates Hanukkah on the go, the Star of David Travel Menorah ($135.00) is both elegant and compact. The individual puzzle pieces are lightweight and can be stored in a convenient wooden travel box.

The Ian Milne Modern Menorah ($270.00-$310.00) is a chic addition to any Hanukkah table. The menorah is available in both brass and aluminum, for two different but equally eye-catching styles.

And if you’re not quite ready to let your kids play with fire, the Glow Stick Menorah ($18-$32) is the perfect solution. The acrylic menorah holds up nine miniature glow sticks, and no open flames mean no worries for the whole family (i.e. Mom).

* For any purchase you make on ModernTribe by following these links, a portion of the profit will go to help support Kveller. Think of it as your Hanukkah gift to us. We really, really appreciate it.*

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