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Parents of Kids with Medical Issues Will Never Stop Fighting Trumpcare

Parents of Kids with Disabilities Aren't Going to Stop Fighting Trumpcare

When you have a loved one whose health is at stake, you do everything you can for them, whether it’s getting them cookie dough ice cream, driving them to the doctor for treatments, or protesting outside a legislator’s office.

No matter how tired you are, you don’t stop. Because this is what love looks like.

For parents and relatives of kids facing medical issues or disabilities, this is especially true. My nephew was born three months premature–and the medical bills surrounding his care and stay in the hospital were extravagant to say the least. Without that care, he would have died. There are countless stories like this in all of our lives–and they don’t have to end badly. There can still be happy endings, like with my nephew, who is now 11 and playing piano in his school’s band.

But not under Trumpcare.

This is why Andy Slavitt, former Obama staffer and current advisor at Bipartisan Policy, went to Twitter in response to someone asking him if “Republicans are wearing people out on Trumpcare,” to which he said no, and quoted a parent’s post on Facebook.

Many people responded, agreeing:

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