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Parents Should Make Their Own Decisions

Our resident grandmother blogger, Renee Septimus, likes to take on controversial topics: Breastfeeding, cell phones, and now, sleep. When she posted yesterday that letting babies cry it out was a form of cruelty, we were surprised to see the strong show of support she got from Kveller readers (more than 100 Facebook likes!). Parents piled on with support in the comments section citing that “extended crying in infants causes brain damage.” Brain damage!

That’s a lot of judgment to heap on parents who have found that this method works for their families. When we reached out to bloggers to see if they wanted to respond, one woman said she wanted to but didn’t feel ready to talk publicly about her sleep choices. “Sleep has become more private than breastfeeding,” she said.

Then the responses started flowing in. So, today, we are publishing two posts by women who disagree with Renee. As always, we here at Kveller think the most important thing is to support parents in their choices (unless said parents are doing really bad things like feeding their kids Twinkies all day long).

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