People Are Mocking Donald Trump Jr.'s Email Scandal—Using Kid's Books – Kveller
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People Are Mocking Donald Trump Jr.’s Email Scandal—Using Kid’s Books

Hi there! Are you living under a rock?

If not, you probably read today about some crazy emails between Donald Trump Jr. and a lawyer who promised to set him up with information from the Russian government (read about Trump’s brand new lawyer at our sister site JTA). It’s a big fat mess, in our esteemed and highly sophisticated opinion.

Anyhoo, we’ll leave all the speculating to the political legal experts, but thanks to Huffpost Comedy, the internet got to blow off some steam about the whole thing using children’s book titles, from “Goodnight Moon” to “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” I chuckled, and I needed a chuckle.

Behold, our favorite tweets from #donjrchildrensbooks.

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