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Pink Has Some Jewish Mother Advice for Her Daughter


Pink is bold. That’s what I love about her most — her courage when it comes to standing up for herself and what’s right. Her larger-than-life and no-frills attitude is something she’s trying to pass down to her daughter as well. It’s no secret that Pink is outspoken about women’s rights and having badass confidence; as a mother of a daughter, Pink is no stranger to wanting to set a positive example.

Pink’s daughter, Willow, is now 6, an age where she’s constantly growing and changing. This is why she gave her daughter, and all girls, advice in Cosmopolitan’s latest issue.

Here’s some of her best advice (which of course, has tons of chutzpah):

1. Boys should always be kind and respectful. “They have to be chivalrous, they have to be good to their moms.”

2. Educate yourself, because you should always “know exactly what you’re doing,” which is also why you should never be normal because it’s “very boring to be normal.”

3. Don’t be a jerk and say “mean things,” because, “we don’t say things we don’t mean,” especially since words are how we present ourselves to the world. Probably the smartest advice ever.

4. Be confident enough to be true to yourself. Pink added how she wants her daughter to “speak her truth.”

Read the rest of her advice here, then check out some of the adorable photos of her family on her Instagram:

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