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Pro-Tip: Pajamas Make the Best Purim Costumes


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Purim is a-coming on March 17, 2022, which means that you may just be scrambling to get a Purim costume together for your little ones (unless you already have those costumes, in which case, you are a wonderful, organized paragon of virtue and I both salute and envy you).

If you’re just now realizing it might be fun to have your kids dress up for this joy-filled holiday, fear not: I’ve hacked the costume game. Instead of getting uncomfortable rayon costumes that will only be used one day a year (maybe two if you celebrate Halloween and your kids aren’t too snobby for repeat costumes), I have learned to embrace the pajama costume.

Yup, dressing your kids in pajamas for Purim is absolutely perfect for oh-so-many reasons.

If your child, like mine, has sensitive skin, it’s so much easier to find a 100% cotton pajama than a mass-produced costume.

Also, pajamas are worn nightly and year-round, which means your investment will 100% pay out. Even if your kid has a tendency to change their mind, you will not end up with an unused costume in plastic packaging, or worse, something that you toiled away on for days to make, but rather some pajamas that they can wear any other night.

The best part is that there’s no post-Purim outfit change needed. If you’re taking your kid to a megillah reading on Purim eve (or just out on the town to show off their exciting costume), you can just plop them into bed afterward, no outfit change needed.

Truly, using pajamas as a costume is the perfect way to go. And here are some delightful cozy options your kids (and you!) may enjoy:

The Superhero pajamas

My kid’s Purim costume last year was a Spider-Man pajama with an Elmo mask. Did it make sense? No. Was it a delight? Yes, yes it was. Also, my son just loves wearing his superhero pajamas out and about on a regular day, and honestly? He looks really cute.

D.C. Justice League two-piece PJs

D.C. Justice League onesie PJs

D.C. Justice League onesie PJs: Wonder Woman/Bat Girl/ Super Girl

Wonder Woman/Bat Girl 4 Piece PJs

The Disney pajamas

“Encanto” is going to be the Purim/Halloween costume of the year — which unfortunately, doesn’t lend itself too well to pajamas. Still, we all know some kids who are living that “Mickey Mouse Club” and “Frozen” life. The favorite Disney movie is a lifestyle, and you will get a lot of wear out of these pajamas.

Mickey onesie

Woody and Buzz PJs

Frozen nightgowns

Monsters Inc. / Winnie the Poo onesies

Other cartoon characters

Parents and children agree: “Bluey” is where it’s at! So go get yourself some Bluey Kigurumis (Japanese onesies; the word means something like “wearing stuffed toy”). Of course, if you’re not into the “Bluey” craze, there are plenty of other great cartoon pajamas out there.

Bluey onesie

Daniel Tiger bathrobe (OK, not a pajama but still a multi-use item!)

Looney Tunes onesies

The animal pajamas

Pajamas featuring your kid’s favorite animal will certainly get a lot of year-round wear — especially the dinosaur ones.

Dinosaur onesie 

Unicorn onesie

Flying squirrel onesie

Monkey onesie

Lion onesie

The one-color pajamas

There’s so much potential with monotone pajamas! Your kid could just dress up as a color. You could get black monotone pajamas, glue on one green, one orange and one red circle, and voila, easy a traffic light costume. You could even just take brown pajamas and add some cat or puppy ears and face paint.

One-color pajamas

Primary pajamas

Matzah pajamas

Make your kid excited about the next Jewish holiday by dressing up like matzah! They can wear this all the way until Passover. Bonus: Use the code Kveller20 for 20% off these matzah pajamas from Midrash Manicures.

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