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Purim: What It’s All About

How will your kids dress up for Purim this year?

So there’s this crazy holiday called Purim that’s coming up. It starts in the evening on March 7, and continues through March 8. Purim tells the story of how the bravery of Esther and Mordechai convinces the king, Ahasueros, to not allow the evil Haman to kill all of the Jews. It’s traditionally celebrated with costumes, groggers (noisemakers), hamantaschen (cookies shaped like Haman’s hat), revelry, noise, and general craziness. If you’re looking for the one holiday of the year where the Jews really let loose–this is it.

Here at Kveller, we’ve got a lot of Purim info for you. If you want more about the Purim story, click here. More on what Purim’s all about, click here.

If you’re interested in celebrating Purim with costumes, check out our guides on what to make for your kids–and how to do it on the cheap. If you want to send mishloach manot (traditional goody bags), here’s a how-to on some to make, and some super-cute Purim cards to put inside of them.

Want to re-enact the Purim story with your kids? Make these clothespin dolls that look like the characters in the story. Get ready to make noise and drown out Haman’s evil name by making your own environmentally-friendly groggers, using ingredients straight out of the recycle bin.

And if Purim makes you hungry, here’s our hamantaschen recipe. We also love this colorful and delicious Purim popcorn. If you’d prefer your Purim nosh to be savory, chickpeas, bean stew, and meat kreplach are all traditionally served on this holiday. And did we mention that it’s traditional to get a little bit drunk on Purim? So for all you grown-ups out there, try out our favorite sangria recipe.

Oh, and did we mention our awesome Purim puppet video?

Chag Purim Sameach–have a happy Purim!

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