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Regina Spektor’s New Music Video Is So Magical, You’ll Forget About Your Problems

Regina Spektor is otherworldly–it’s hard to believe she’s not from some alternate universe in a place where fairies frequent jazz clubs. In her latest music video, Spektor invokes this ethereal, magical aesthetic–the song “Black and White” is the latest single from last year’s album “Remember Us to Life.”

Spektor, who became a mom in 2014, said the video was a “struggle” at first, because it was supposed to be inexpensive. Luckily, she and her team shot the video in Chicago’s now-closed Uptown Theater:

“It was supposed to be a really low-budget video. It was a real struggle at first. It’s almost like Sleeping Beauty. It’s like a castle that fell asleep.” 

Spektor went on to describe what she envisioned for the narrative and tone:

“The music was basically reviving this dancer from the past…and then she sort of vanished back into the memory of time. It’s of an older, more glamorous time, but still not super costume-y. We were trying to create a very specific world.” 

Previously, the Moscow-born Jewish musician spoke to Elle about how being a mom actually made it easier for her to make music, stating: 

I think I ended up writing more than I had in a long time, which is a very special thing that I found out about my own self,” she says. “I don’t know if it works out the best for everybody else. I definitely don’t want to say, ‘Everybody have a baby!’ But it was like that for me and I felt very lucky.”

That being said, she had doubts while she was pregnant about whether or not she’d be “able to write a song again,” and also stated that “breastfeeding is really fucking hard.” The most adorable part of Spektor being a mom? The fact that her baby’s favorite food is borscht. Um, yes.

Check out her video below:

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