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Rejoice! PMS Ice Cream is Finally Maybe a Thing

Let me tell you something. I fucking hate my period. I don’t feel closer to my heartsong, or connected to the Divine Moon Goddess, or any of the other hoohah horse shit your friend who Soulcycles multiple times a day says happens when they bleed for seven days straight. It’s the worst, I hate it, and I’m counting down the days to menopause when it can finally be over.

So sometimes, when the Red Sea parts all over my nicest duvet cover, mama needs a little pick-me-up. My personal favorite? Hot wings, even though they burn at every stage of digestion. Too much information? TOO BAD SISTER. But for some of us, ice cream is the No. 1 cure for feminine bullshit, and soon we might finally have some just for us.

Created by Parker Jones, a graphic design major from Texas, PMS Ice Cream gets what you’re going through. With delicious flavors like “I Think I’m Dying Strawberry,” “Don’t Come Near Me Chocolate,” and “I Need Some More Mint Chocolate Chip,” you’ll have a carton you can comfortably carry with you around the house that communicates to everyone that you are not to be fucked with.

The project is only a conceptual design right now, but she thinks it would be fun to turn into a real project. We at the Kveller offices seriously hope she does, and we’re not above accepting some delicious free samples (hint hint nudge nudge).

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