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Roundup: How to Keep Your Baby Slim and Your Vagina in Good Health

All the parenting news you might have missed this week.

Birth control hearing. What's missing?

-Republican hearing on contraception forgets to invite women. Oops! (Nation)

-Want to know one more thing you’re doing wrong as a parent? Using a spoon! A new study shows that babies are less obese when they feed themselves instead of being spoon-fed. (NPR)

-We all know that French women know how to diet. But they also know how to take care of their vaginas post-birth. In France, it’s all about the rééducation. And they can say merci to the government for that. (Slate)

-Domestic abuser Chris Brown appears at the Grammys. And then tweets out some expletives to his detractors (who are hating on him for beating women!). Read Jordana Horn’s excellent take on it here. And for the tweet check out Gawker. (Gawker)

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