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Sam Horowitz, Viral Bar Mitzvah Boy, Launches Fashion Series


If the name Sam Horowitz doesn’t ring a bell, this video from his bar mitzvah sure might. Just over a year ago, we shared Sam’s Texas-sized bar mitzvah celebration which instantly went viral, garnering the talented young performer appearances on “Good Morning America,” the “Ellen” show, and other local appearances in his hometown of Dallas.

So what is now-14-year-old Sam Horowitz up to these days? If you guessed staying out of the spotlight, you’d be sorely mistaken.

Aside from losing the braces, Horowitz–who has been a fashion fanatic since the age of 4– just launched a web series called “Sam Says,” in which the well-dressed young man offers fashion tips and insight, while hobnobbing with other, taller fashion experts. So far you can watch the first episode here:

And the second episode here:

And for those who need a refresher course on the bar mitzvah video that started it all, check it out:

I’m pretty sure by the time I was 14, my greatest accomplishment was finally figuring out how to do French braided pigtails, so I’m a bit in awe of Sam Horowitz’s hustle, from the bimah to the runway. Mazel tov, Sam! Now come help me find a fabulous party outfit, please.

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