Sarah Silverman Said She Is ‘Insanely Lucky to Be Alive’ After Freak Illness – Kveller
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Sarah Silverman Said She Is ‘Insanely Lucky to Be Alive’ After Freak Illness

Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman said she is “insanely lucky to be alive” after she was admitted to the hospital last week with a life-threatening condition. Last night, she posted about her experience on Facebook in a long post.

Silverman described how she spent last week in the Intensive Care Unit of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles with a rare case of epiglottitis, which is the inflammation of the epiglottis, the human tissue that protects the windpipe from filling with food during swallowing. As a result, the airway becomes blocked, which can lead to cardiac arrest and death.

Silverman went to the doctor for what she thought was “just a sore throat,” and instead, ended up on a respirator for five days, waking up confused as to what happened. You can read her full post below:

We’re so glad Silverman’s health scare was treated promptly by medical professionals, and that she is now at home recovering. Her experience truly illustrates how we should cherish every moment we have with our loved ones, as seemingly minor health problems could easily turn into something bigger.

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