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scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson Says Breastfeeding Has Grounded Her

Scarlett Johansson never really seems to take a break. She’s been putting out two to four films a year–which is crazy to think about. She put out four films in 2016, another two in 2017, and another two forthcoming in 2018. Her latest film, “Ghost in the Shell,” has kept her in the public eye.

But on a personal front, Johansson is also a mom to her toddler daughter Rose–and in the midst of her divorce from her husband Romain Dauriac. While Johansson tries to avoid talking about her family (and isn’t on social media), she recently broke her own rule during an interview with E! News. Why? She opened up about what helped her during her crazy film schedule: nursing her daughter. She said:

“That is a very grounding [thing, to nurse]. If you ever needed to return to yourself, that is a pretty wonderful way to come back to yourself when you go home. You have to leave all that work stuff behind and be able to present with your kid. I am very thankful that’s my reality at the end of the day.”

It seems this comment may have also been a passive comment to Dauriac’s lawyer who said Johansson is too busy to be a mom (because moms can’t be movie stars or work like their male counterparts, apparently). Either way, it’s great to see celebrities talk about breastfeeding and normalize it, reminding us that being hard-working and ambitious and being nurturing don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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