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See What These Dads Feel About Their Post-Baby Bodies in Funny Underwear Ad

dad bods

All things “dad bod” never gets old, it seems. Australian underwear brand Bonds recently made a commercial where dads talk about the changes their bodies went through after their kids were born–for Australia’s Father’s Day on September 4.

The video, while comical, also light-heartedly highlights the double standards between men’s and women’s bodies. I love the gender reversal here, because it presents the reality that women are often faced with: the pressure to maintain your “pre-baby body” because the “post-baby body” is somehow less attractive.

Using humor to start a dialogue on how we treat body image–and why we perceive female bodies a certain way–is smart. Of course, the humor does tread a blurry line–and not always successfully. It can be hard to know if the ad is laughing with you, or at you.

Check out the ad below:

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