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Seth Rogen’s Mom Is Twitter’s Ultimate Jewish Mother

If you think celebrities are immune to embarrassing mothers, then think again. On Sunday, Seth Rogen’s mom, Sandy, took to Twitter to request that her son’s announcements for Vancouver’s public transportation be played louder.

“This is Seth’s mom,” Sandy Rogen wrote. “I am getting reports that people cant quite hear his announcements. Make them a bit louder please!”

Earlier this summer, the Jewish actor and Vancouver native was asked to voice the announcements for Translink BC. Actor Morgan Freeman was originally cast as the voice of Vancouver’s transit, but was quickly replaced when sexual harassment allegations surfaced.

Almost immediately, Sandy’s tweet was met with a positive response.

“Hi mom! Our techs have been making tweaks and adjustments to get the best clarity/volume ratio!,” Translink BC replied to Rogen. “I’ll make sure your request get’s heard loud and clear.”

As always, Canadians are polite — and Jewish mothers know best.

However, as it happens, this isn’t the first time Sandy Rogen has embarrassed her son on Twitter. In fact, she’s somewhat notorious for putting him on blast on social media.

“My husband needs peanut butter in Paris!” Sandy tweeted. “Crazy life!”

To which Seth responded, “for a billion dollars, I couldn’t tell you what this means.”

“If you would answer your phone you would know,” Sandy replied. Oof.

And who could forget the infamous photo of Sandy with a temporary tattoo of her son’s face on her chest?

“Jesus mom…” Seth replied. He was not amused.

We’re guessing that Seth’s pretty used to this by now. And if he’s not, he should familiarize himself with the old Jewish proverb: “God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.”

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