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Shabbat Pajamas Are Finally Here!


Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest, so it’s surprising that Shabbat pajamas aren’t really a thing — or at least they weren’t until now. Yes, the age of the Shabbat pajama is finally here.

Rabbi Yael Buechler, the Jewish mom behind Midrash Manicures, is bringing us fun and, most importantly, comfy Shabbat pajamas — and Kveller is partnering with her to bring them to you at a discounted price. These pajamas are made out of 100% cotton, which means your kids will not want to get out of them, even well after Shabbat ends.

After the wild success of her Passover pajamas (which my son personally still wears all of the time), Buechler realized that there were no cute pajamas for Shabbat — which, unlike other Jewish holidays, comes once a week. Her design features a pop-art inspired print of challah, Shabbat candles, a kiddush cup and the Hebrew word for Shabbat on a pattern of bright red dots. The jammies are cheerful and colorful — and, thankfully, not in the traditional yellows and blues that every pair of Hanukkah pajamas seems to be set on.

A lot of us long to make Shabbat more meaningful for our kids. That’s why Kveller has put out a Shabbat guide with lots of thoughtful prompts and ideas for families. But honestly? The little things, like being hungry and uncomfortable, can sometimes get in the way of our kids enjoying and immersing themselves in an experience. So getting in a soft pair of pajamas could make a difference in your family’s Shabbat, and also add a fun extra little family ritual.

Get your Shabbat pajamas today at Midrash Manicures and use code Kveller20 for 20% off. And yes, if you use that code, you will be helping support Kveller (two small Jewish organizations with one fun purchase — it’s a win all around!).

Shabbat shalom!

UPDATE: These pajamas now come in ADULT SIZES! Hooray! Use code Kveller20 for 20%, of course.

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