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Share the Stories of Your Fathers

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and we’ve just caught wind of an exciting project from the ladies at the Jewish Women’s Archive that’s all about dads. Your dads, specifically.

For their blog, Jewesses With Attitude, JWA is collecting short blurbs from Jewish women about their fathers, and the role they played in their Jewish identity and development. They also want to add some dad voices to the blog, so they’re seeking guest posts from Jewish fathers, or fathers raising Jewish children.

This is your chance to contribute something to a great project, and also honor your dads in a way that’s slightly more impressive than buying them a tie. We’ll also be publishing some of our favorite entries on Kveller, as well. Here are the details, if you’re interested in submitting:

For women: Submit short blurbs, 150 words max, by Monday, June 11th.

For men: Submit blog posts, between 500-700 words, by Wednesday, June 13th (although the earlier, the better).

You can send all submissions to with “JWA” in the subject line, and we’ll pass them along to JWA.

We’re excited to hear your stories, and we hope that you check out the Jewesses With Attitude blog to hear others’ stories, too.

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