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Share Your Embarrassing Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photos With Us

Our little Molly, officially a woman.

One thing we haven’t talked a whole lot about on Kveller is the quintessential milestone of a young Jewish person’s life: the bar/bat mitzvah. Alina just opened the floodgates with her post about deciding to not throw her son a standard bar mitzvah. On the other side of the spectrum, Kveller’s editorial assistant Molly just uncovered a number of pictures from her own bat mitzvah that are… how do we put this… absolutely amazing?

And now we want to see some of your pictures. The good, the bad, the over-the-top. Did your party have a theme? Were you sporting a sharp power suit? Was your whole family forced to hug in front a professional photographer?

Did you give away table placement cards that were actually a customized CD case with a chocolate disc inside?

Whatever you bar or bat mitzvah looked like, send us a picture to with “Bar/Bat Mitzvah Picture Contest” in the subject line. We’ll choose our favorite, and the winning photo will be featured on Kveller alongside an interview with the bar/bat mitzvah boy/girl. Send them into us by next Monday, June 11th.

Mazel tov!

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