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Show & Tell: 3-Year-Old Zeke and His ‘Kaka’

This is the fifth post in our portrait series, Show & Tell, which features children ages 4-12 photographed with their favorite object. 

Meet 3-year-old Zeke whose favorite object is his “kaka,” which is a very warm, cozy blanket. He loves it so much, because it makes him feel secure. His dad told him he has to leave it in his bedroom, but he understands since he’s a big boy now.

show & tell

Zivar Amrami

One of Zeke’s very first words was reserved for his special blanket, which he lovingly dubbed “kaka.” Besides the tremendous security he’s received from this robot-illustrated blanket, which was a homemade gift from a family friend, it helped him to be able to call it something and be understood, when few of his verbalizations were understood by others. Since Zeke was diagnosed with a significant speech delay early on, this has been invaluable.

Show & tell

Zivar Amrami

Now Zeke speaks very well, but he still does and will forever call his blanket “kaka.”

Thanks for sharing, Zeke.

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