Show & Tell: 6-Year-Old Asha and Her Baby Doll 'Santa' – Kveller
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show & tell

Show & Tell: 6-Year-Old Asha and Her Baby Doll ‘Santa’

This is the 13th post in our portrait series, Show & Tell, which features children ages 4-12 photographed with their favorite object. 

Who: Asha, age 6

What: Baby doll

show & tell

Zivar Amrami

Why: She received her baby doll a long, long time ago. Her doll’s secret name is Santa, because she came with a hat identical to his. Santa is a constant companion, and plays all sorts of imaginary games with her: Peter Pan, Baby Princess, and Queen of Everything. Asha has a lot of other dolls who also act in her stories, but Santa is always the lead.

To learn more about Show & Tell and how you can participate, click here

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