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Show & Tell: 8-Year-Old Lev and His Football

This is the 12th post in our portrait series, Show & Tell, which features children ages 4-12 photographed with their favorite object. 

Who: Lev, age 8

What: Football


Zivar Amrami

Why: Lev loves football, mostly because he loves to tackle people to the ground. He also loves the thrill of catching the ball and blocking, especially when he’s playing with his father. The helmet he has belongs to his Uncle Yanks, where it was bought at a yard sale in Spring Valley, New York.

This past fall, he played flag football, and he learned how to spin and avoid being tackled himself. Lev wants to be a quarterback one day, and finds encouragement from Edelman on the Patriots, as he’s Jewish and made it to the pros.

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